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Detlev F. Neufert,Kurator, MUMU arthouse Bangkok
Detlev F. Neufert,Kurator, MUMU arthouse Bangkok

Mumuarthouse, Bangkok, Thailand


Mumuarthouse, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Paleo art&event, Berlin, Germany








The MUMU LOGO was designed by Kiki Romano-Strümpf.


MAitree Parahom in the permantent exhibition
MAitree Parahom in the permantent exhibition

It all started with this Painting from Maitree Parahom " Isan farmer". When Detlev traveled the first time to the poorest part of Thailand, the Isan in the North West, he fell in love with the people who still have a very human old style of social life. That made him publish the book " Isan, my love". At an exhibition at 'H gallery' in Bangkok he saw this picture from Isan painter Maitree Parahom. He bought it. And never regretted it. It is part of MUMU's permanent exhibitions.


Welcome to


The newest most relaxing coffee art house

in Bangkok.


  • We offer quiet surroundings to meet with family, friends or business partners.

  • Our menu provides excellent coffee, soft drinks, wines, cakes.

  • Our sandwiches and salads use only organic produce from the Royal Project in Chiang Mai.

  • Of course there is free WiFi.

  • But don’t just soak up the sun outside in our garden, chill out in the down stairs cafe...

  • Have a look on the second floor where every month a new exciting Artist will be showing off their talents.

  • We also have an upstairs meeting room, available for business meetings, film showings, book readings

  • We are open every day from 10am until the last person wants to leave!!


Remember MuMu ......

It ‘s Your Coffee Art House.



famous Thai pop star Tik Shiro with members of the MUMU family Khun Jai and Detlev
famous Thai pop star Tik Shiro with members of the MUMU family Khun Jai and Detlev

Khun Jai worked everyday from 10 to 6 in the house, cleaned the floor, cooked, washed and ironed the linnen and and and... When we prepared an exhibition like here with famous Thai pop star Tik Shiro she knew that a long night at the opening would follow. But her first thought was always to take care that the MUMU family had a clean house and enough food in the fridge.

The door behind leads to the kitchen.

MUMU arthouse goes CHIANG MAI

train to Chiang Mai 2000
train to Chiang Mai 2000







When Detlev came the first time by train to Chiang Mai he felt at home. From that moment on he came regularily to relax, meet friends and breathe the spirituality of a city with the most temples in Thailand.

After the gallery in Bangkok was closed Detlev wanted to write his long time project: an interview with Jesus.

A small room, the energy of Chiang Mai and the rest of his money from the gallery in Bangkok were all he needed. Life here was much cheaper then in Bangkok.


Looking for a little room he saw this house, an announcement with a telephone number and ... three days later he rented it. And designed it... so that from a somehow neglected place MUMU's style from Bangkok was moved as well.


See our work in progress...

under MUMU arthouse Chiang Mai

The MUMU family

Korn as always happy
Korn as always happy

After a short time MUMU had created its own family. The first member was Korn. He comes from Shan state and workes in a restaurant nearby. He took care of the house and all its friends. A wonderful soul, a real beauty - the Shans are known to be very beautiful people be it women or men - besides that he is a born gardener, a skilled craftsman and an excellent cook. His combination of European and Shan food are amazingly delicious.The ones who had the chance to taste it were really surprised.


He was a refugee since some years without passport, without working permission, with his mother in Burma to whom he had to send money every month so she could survive.

The only chance for the Shan whose villages were destroyed and whose people were killed by the Burmese army was to find a job in Thailand. The most courages were the young ones. They knew when the police caught them they had to go to prison.And the ones who gave them jobs as well.


Thai prisons are not nice. But which immigration officer and which policeman would think of refugees in a modern gallery with a foreign owner? 


Good news: After many years of daily danger to be imprisoned, fear and the betrayings of false agents Korn has his passport now, his working permission due to the new government in Burma and the needs of the Thai for the labor of refugees like Korn.

hall downstairs
hall downstairs

Actually Detlev did not find a house for art he found a home for friends, an asyl for refugees from Burma and a lovely meeting point for the cultural community in Chiang Mai.