Cameron Wolf






'TRANSCENDENTS' by Cameron Wolf was a ver, very special event. Beside his work as a photograph artist he works for UNAIDS as a consultant and director. So he donated part of his winning for the Aids community in Thailand, especially the group that works on the streets to help female and male sex workers.


His art is a well reflected combination of poetry, magic and reality. All his work is done in the studio which gives Cameron the freedom to create the right lightning for the hidden characters of his models. But he keeps always the small distance between artist and model which gives to the observer the freedom to see this work with the eyes of the artist or the eyes of the model.


Vernissage and finisage will stay for sure in the memory of the many friends and visitors of MUMU arthouse Bangkok.


"Transcendants" was the last exhibition I could do in Bangkok. The beautiful house was sold to a Chinese businessman and some months later destroyed to make space for a stupid appartment building.