All was painted inside and outside. Now the garden.

Working together

Many young refugees from Burma came by and asked for work. They had escaped from war, murder and rape. Their first station in Thailand was Chiang Mai. No passport, no money, no working permit, sometimes nowhere to stay when they had secretly passed the  border. Illegals. But art has a duty to be illegal and with the outcasts and the poor ones. They all got a job in MUMU. Working with them was a pure pleasure. They got fairly paid and had a lot of fun. All of them became friends, came for dinner even when they had found a new job. They are all still in contact with Detlev. " Miss you", is the first word on the phone.

Six months later

                                           They say: " Put your finger in the earth of Chiang Mai and six days later a hand will grow." For fingers maybe not but for plants it is amazing. In this city one really can watch the flowers grow. Everyday a liitle bit more. What a joy! And what an order for art to follow. The Lanna style of Chiang Mai is inspiring many designers, architects, artists and even the street vendors try to decorate their working place aesthetically.


Unfortunately in the last years more an more money flows into that once so humble city. The problem is not the money but the bad tase that follows it. Big investors from Thailand and China give a shit for old traditions and the unique style of the Lanna architecture. And unfortunatley the Thai Government has not yet understood the true values of its country's heritages. Maybe one day the beauty of Chiang Mai will disappear into the uniformity of concrete and lack of culture.

impression when we lit the light
impression when we lit the light