MY STORY photo project goes to Chiang Mai

photos from the border and beyond: 2006-2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

The show

An exhibition in Chiang Mai at MuMu Art House!  This is the major leagues!  Working with Garrett Kostin, Best Friend Library, and Detlev Neufert of MuMu Art House, we decide to show pictures from the beginning of the project in 2006 until our latest adventure in Sanghklaburi this year.

MuMu Art House is on Nimanhammen, soi 7, not far from the university, with a large falong population, restaurants, galleries, and shops.  The gallery itself is a lovely Thai house with silky wooden floors, a wrap around porch on the ground floor and a screened in porch upstairs.  The exhibition rooms are large, clean, and well lit.  And we can put nails in the walls!  

Garrett and Detlev will handle the promotion;  they have chosen this image from Maymyo (Pyin Oo Lwin) 2010, by quiet Aung Latt as the poster.
We wish he could be here to see this