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TIK SHIRO is one of Thailands most famous pop stars. I met him in Germany in the SONY CENTER in Berlin. The contact was made by Sven, a Muay Thai Promoter. he hads seen my Muay Thai Documentary and wanted Tik and me to meet. Tik is a real sweet heart.


In Bangkok we had dinner in his house and he showed me his paintings. Nobody knew that he had studied art in Thailand. One minute later I had convinced him to do an exhibition in MUMU arthouse. In a couple of months MUMU arthouse and his restaurant had made its name in Bangkok.


TKIK SHIRO 'Be enriched' was a big media event. All his fans in all ages - in Thailand you do not have that separation between old and young fans, a fan is a fan! - were fascinated by his human and engaged art.


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THE CURATOR: Detlev F. Neufert


Tik Shiro and I met for the first time in Berlin in 2005. Sven, a promoter of Muay Thai Boxing in Germany, had seen my documentary about this martial art. He wanted to introduce me to his friend, a famous Thai Pop star, who was in the city at the time and was a painter as well. We made a date in the extravagant SONY center, an impersonal place where it's generally hard to make a human connection.


For many years I have directed documentaries about musicians, poets and painters for German TV, and I recently opened a gallery in Berlin's In-scene Prenzlauer Berg. This being said, I know about the way artists and pop stars expose themselves in public. Before our meeting, I expected another big Ego.


When Tik arrived – I don’t know why, but immediately my heart opened to him. In this moment I felt: Tik is a true person, an open minded artist with a beautiful soft, and at the same time crazy energy, leaving enough space for others to develop their own ideas. “Sometimes”, he says, “ I hate my pictures and won't stop working on them until they love what I do.” “What do you mean?” I asked Tik. The answer came directly: “The picture sees you.”


Tik thinks before he paints. In every picture is a meaning. Sometimes it's a hidden word, or an unexpected combination of material. All of his work has a long reflected title that opens the door for you to get inside his world. Most of his paintings employ a critical approach to their subject, sometimes even an obvious symbolism f.e.: the thin, easily breakable threads which holds modern Thailand together in “….” or the accusing concentration of elephant horns in “….”. In another painting, we sense his criticism of the urban while nature collapses but there is still hope as portrayed in: “…..”

And a few pictures are sweet and full of harmony. One of my favorites is : “ a young Khen flute player in”…”




This rocker and TV-star is like an ever young child. He loves to share every single moment of his life of joy and fantasy with others. Ask him about his pictures and watch how his whole body starts vibrating like the strings of a guitar. In these moments he is full of wild romanticism, sweet melancholy and an outbreaking sense of humor. The painter and the musician are one. It is not by chance that a famous photo shows him in a spagath on two chairs.




“ Examine life closely ”, he points out, “ do not look only at the picture. There is much more to see. If you reflect, you will know that all is one.”



The exhibition we planned to do in Berlin we do present at MUMU Arthouse in Bangkok, a place that Tik likes a lot- because it is like a bridge for sweet souls who are interested in ideas, communication and creativity – philanthropists. Tik Shiro -a philantroph? All is one and one is all?


The answer is easy: Yes. Maybe his approach to life and art is quite rare in the world today and quite out of time. No cheap sensation, no hunger for provocation. Just a way to express one’s thoughts about human reality. Tik has the will to make others feel rich and the courage to immediately knock on the door and open their hearts


With Tik and his pictures you are never alone, you are always in the company of a good friend, the best type of friend, a friend from childhood.


One thing with Tik makes me very happy: The first moment I met him is still unfinished.


March 2009